Replaced the hollow metal door today in Calhoun.

It’s hard to believe this but the hollow metal door you’re looking at on the right was actually destroyed by bad paint. This picture doesn’t show you how bad the door really was. You can grab the top of the door and shake It and it was like shaking a piece of cardboard. This particular hollow metal door had absolutely no security whatsoever. It could have been opened just by someone holding the top of the door open and pulling. It was more of just a steel curtain than anything where did. This is just one of the many ways these hollow metal doors fail. A lot of the times when we see them they’re just simply rusted out. Or the hinges where they were attached to the door have reusted the hinge pockets right out of the door which we can fix.

Pretty clear that the before and after solved a lot of problems, especially with handicap compliance issues.

Full surface continuous hinges really help preserve a lot of doors that would have been worthless in the past. But once they get shaky and they lose their strength and rigidity they’re pretty much toast. Full surface continuous hinges don’t work like a typical hinge. We use them all the time especially when hinge locations are no longer available for certain doors. And the best thing about them is it’s a better installation.

This door was barely opening we had to kick it open. The outside door hardware wasn’t doing anything to the actual bar on the inside. So we just completely replaced all of it except for the frame, a lot of times the frames are fine. That was the case for the store it would have been a waste of money to replace the frame it was perfectly fine.